by Brainwreck

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released September 4, 2015

Cover photograph © Roger Ballen
Band photograph courtesy of Janine Britz



all rights reserved


Brainwreck Johannesburg, South Africa

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Track Name: Cave Dweller
Hidden away
Confined to a lesser known darker place
Where the dregs of society roam
In what little that they call home
Found along the fringes, drawing nearer to the edge
The lines between sanity and reality are losing their clarity
Whose sanity?
Whose reality?
The mind escapes
The mind runs free
We're all trapped in
Our own reality
It's such a fine line between the extremes
But who can be the judge of what I hear and see
Not you
And not me
The mind escapes
Track Name: Infiltrator
Everyday creeping in, moving nearer
Parasites closing in to take life away
Like vultures looking on
As the world around them burns
Death fills their eyes
As smoke billows from its source
Blocking out the sun
And blackening the sky
Infiltrate and intervene
Vicious alterior motives are hidden among the so-called righteous acts
Political ploys involving heartless pacts
Look around
Read between the lines
Shift my focus to catch out the lies
I don't want to be a victim of this human fate
I can't trust in words that hold no weight
Everyday creeping in, moving nearer
Parasites closing in to take life away
Track Name: Burning Inside
The burning inside, that feeling I've been trying to find
Nostalgia for a time that surely left us all behind
We weren't there when it started
But we're here, right now
It's still our way of life
We got to keep it alive
We all want to be a part of something real
But I could never be apart from this
A way of life with meaningful interaction
And true intentions
Decades later I still haven't forgotten that feeling
That keeps me holding on
It's that burning inside
Never forget the energy and passion
Common words that bind us
Never forget the energy, passion and memories
Much has changed
Much has stayed the same
But one thing's for sure
That burning inside
Track Name: Waste of Breath
You walk in with an attitude and something to prove
Anything I say won't make a difference to you
You've got a one track mind
Think you've got authority
But your meaningless position means nothing to me
I'd rather spit in your face
Than have you walk all over me
You're not thinking, man, you're out of control
Missing the point, you just don't get it
You throw your fists – because that's the way you solve your problems
Idiots like you, I will never understand
I'd rather spit in your face
Than have you walk all over me
You're looking for attention, but no one cares
This is the last thing I need
You thinking you know better than me
But your big mouth has no effect on me
Take the chance, save some face, save some dignity
Walk on home
I've seen enough to know
I'm wasting my breath
You're just looking for attention
No one cares
Track Name: Gravel Face
Thief of innocence
Disgrace of a human being
Leave behind a wreckage
Now you're nowhere to be seen
What can I say?
I have no words left
It makes me sick
And I just feel like running away
But we're trapped in this life
Left to cope
With what remains
Little more than pain and suffering
Track Name: Soothsayer
I always thought that the way that I'd live my life
Would always be what I'd set out for myself
But now I see a manipulated future looking straight at me
You can try to fight it
Fight it as hard as you can
But deep down you know
You can't win
Manipulators putting thoughts inside your head
It'll be that way until you are dead
Track Name: Pressure
Infuriating reality
Suffocating; It's hard to breathe
Losing focus; not thinking straight
It's reaching the point where I'm losing my mind
Harder and harder to keep control
These wandering thoughts taking hold
The anger's building up inside
Patience isn't so easy to find
I can't keep taking this
Just having to accept
A return to primal instincts
Becoming harder to suppress
This voice in my head pushing me in a new direction
A cold and unforgiving, ruthless option
You can't expect me to lay down and die
Brought down to my knees and paralysed
Gotta find a release for this pent up frustration
There's no use for it buried inside
Looking around for some other options
Restraint is not the easy way out
Pressure mounting
Track Name: Setback
Bitter example of what's to come
Hopeless future
With no self worth
Am I destined for failure
Will I just not measure up
But I finally found some rest
For my troubled mind
Your judgement means nothing to me
You won't set me back
One thing you should remember
You don't define me and never will
Mark my words
Tomorrow I'll be closer than I am today
I've thought this through and I know how it ends
The scenario has played out inside my head
Track Name: Trapped
It's in the dead of night that I've questioning why
I've been caught up in this spiral
I can't change the fact there's nothing more
Nothing more than an endless cycle
Feeling lost and out of place
Forced into this world, a world that I hate
We're trapped, fuck that
Cursed on this Earth
No way out, no end in sight
Fight to survive, fend for your life
To get ahead of the next and the next
It will never end so accept this
And move against the grain
Track Name: Determinist
Enter the fragile final hour
Desolation & destruction of your world awaits
Final opportunity before the close
Last gasp attempt to escape
Last gasp attempt to escape, escape the jaws of death
Fooled if we think we have all the answers
Fooled if we think we have any control
Left to chance
Everything to lose
Outta your hands
There's nothing more you can do
But await
The final outcome
There's no way to escape
Escape the jaws of death
Track Name: Downward Drift
This pushing and pulling's going to tear me apart
A constant battle of the mind
Was it nature or nurture?
Was the foundation shattered from the start?
Now descending into a blackened hell
Blind eyes hide plight
Now we drift into the depths, to the edges of what's left
This world is on its head
Lost minds, broken lives
This world is on its head
Lost minds, broken lives
Out of mind, out of sight
Tortured soul
Fragmented mind
You could never feel what I feel inside